This is a JSON based API which provides World statistics of COVID-19 cases. The data for this API is sourced from WORLDOMETER'S sources which updates every TEN minutes. This lightweight API is ideal for use in any of your API based projects and is developed to work efficiently with Java, Python and JavaScript.

BASE URL FOR THE API: https://api.covidsimpact.com/api/v1/stats/

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S.no Endpoints Sample Response
1. /stats/all

This endpoint, returns statistics of all the countries including total World data.

Sample URL: https://api.covidsimpact.com/api/v1/stats/all
Fetches all countries stats.
2. /stats/world

This endpoint, returns total number of cases in the world in JSON format.

Sample URL: https://api.covidsimpact.com/api/v1/stats/world
  "Cases": 4358218,
  "NewCases": "+20,616",
  "Critical": 46274,
  "Deaths": 293235,
  "NewDeaths": 784,
  "ActiveCases": 2453254,
  "Recoveries": 1611729,
  "TotalTests": null,
  "code3": ""
3. /stats/:CountryName

This endpoint, returns total number of cases of the selected country in JSON format.

Sample URL: https://api.covidsimpact.com/api/v1/stats/india
  "Cases": 74925,
  "NewCases": "+633",
  "Critical": 0,
  "Deaths": 2436,
  "NewDeaths": 21,
  "ActiveCases": 47602,
  "Recoveries": 24887,
  "TotalTests": 1854250,
  "code3": "IND"


A working example of the API is our extension on the chrome web store.